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Short term renters We are here to Help

It’s no secret that the world’s financial landscape has been anything but stable over the past year. Creeping costs and warnings of a recession have caused everyone from major institutions to everyday people to become more conscious of their expenses. While businesses have already started cutting back on non-essential purchases, travel, and social events costs, it’s only a matter of time before renters begin reassessing their housing situation to offset these rising prices.

For this reason, we have created a special team that will research prices on a daily basis and will be able to provide the lowest market rate for a comparable Unit.

The demand for lower costs and higher flexibility

People have been feeling the constraints of the world’s tightening belt for quite a while now, with the American Psychological Association reporting in March 2022 that the rise in prices of everyday items due to inflation was the top source of stress among adults. By September, 42% of people reported their financial situation had worsened over the past year, according to Deloitte.

And, with The Conference Board predicting a 96% likelihood of a recession in the U.S. by the end of Q3 2023, it’s clear that spending habits will continue to shift in response to growing instability. Even now, Jungle Scout reports 82% of people have attributed rising inflation to an impact in their spending, with 76% of people making fewer fun or impulse purchases and 45% of people buying less expensive brands to cut costs.

HCH Strive to make your relocation or visit affordable without settling on a lower cost communities like the competitors, if you are wondering how we do it - we do not work from expansive offices and we don't purchase fancy cars and we do not pay silicon valley blown up salaries. we put all our effort in our customers Join our short term community and maximize your stays with Houston corporate housing the best furnished Apartments providers in Houston


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